Computer Vision & Augmented Reality

Acquiring, Processing, Analyzing and Understanding Images & Creating Digital Realities

Human vision is a remarkable gift. Using engineering techniques to automate tasks to do what human vision and cognition can do is exciting and one of our passions. Add some of creativity and we also construct augmented reality applications in our Computer Vision & Augmented Reality group.

Computer Vision Solutions

We use machine learning and neural networks to build computer vision and behavioral analysis applications to solve every day problems. From analyzing the behavior of patrons in a cafeteria to measuring crowd sizes at large-scale sporting events, our computer vision team is ready to work for you.


Deep learning and model building


Image analysis and AI


Face recogniton and biometrics

Augmented Reality Applications

We build interactive augment reality solutions primarily for industrial and enterprise solutions. Our augmented reality solutions bring digital creativity to real work situations like training, equipment maintenance, health care and education.


Microsoft Hololens


Apple iOS


Cross-platform holography

Other Services

Machine Learning & AI

NoSQL & Big Data

Data Visualization & Analytics

Cloud Computing

User Experience & UI Design

Blockchain Applications

Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Network Technology