Cloud Computing

New Builds or Migrating Systems to the Cloud

Over 90% of our projects are Cloud-based. We have extensive experience and capability in building greenfield applications in the Cloud as well as migrating legacy systems to the Cloud.

Architecture for the Cloud

Defining an architecture for the Cloud means thinking of information technology assests as provisioned resources instantiated on demand. Think in new terms of reliability, testing and capacity planning. We understand how to take advantage of Cloud technologies to make better and more cost-effective systems.


Design principles: scalability, demand-based resources, automation


Infrastructure management and deployment


Distributed systems

Migrating Applications to the Cloud

We specialize in re-platforming and refactoring of legacy applications to the Cloud. Most times, it is cost effective to refactor (re-architect) the install systems to take advantage of new Cloud technologies. We do this quickly and efficiently.


Better storage and I/O approaches


Virtualized and containerized compute options


More effective redundancy and fail-proof capability

Other Services

Computer Vision & AR

Machine Learning & AI

NoSQL & Big Data

Data Visualization & Analytics

User Experience & UI Design

Blockchain Applications

Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Network Technology